// SORORITY MANSION is an institute of deinstitutionalization for heretic women: sibyls, visionaries, insurrectionists, poetic dissidents, and other exiles. like a beguinage, but without lords and saviors; like an isolated seaside sanitarium, but the doktors have been cast out. the husbands the boyfriends the fathers the rapists the men are not here. so there’s no need to beg. we’ll get off our knees; we don’t need his permission. asylum, sanctuary, nerve-center, leper colony, decolonization cloister, SORORITY MANSION is a home for the bloodrush inside and the riot. speak aloud, louder, all your unpretty things. you don’t have to be nice nice nice nice nice girl nice nice girl nice in hallowed halls. or walk hushed. molt the plastic gloss. peel away the make-nice smile. come home when you’ve had done saying sorry. don’t watch your tongue now. sharpen tooth & hiss. this exigent castle: scavenged from the ruins sprawling risen to house the uncontainable: our sisterhood, into which every woman is invited. it is the elegy and alchemy division of the women’s revolution. it is an occupation, a repossession of language to end male dominion. SORORITY MANSION believes women at their word. and when women speak we listen.

// SORORITY MANSION is a radical (eco)feminist press, posed in categorical opposition to the white-supremacist anthropocentric ecocidal capitalist patriarchal complex and its every associated ideology, delusion, and depredation. SORORITY MANSION publishes women’s work.