Herbarium // Denise Jarrott


“…imagine, children, an ocean of grass.
That was how it was. It is the goal of this exercise to make them
understand that their home is not their home, and it hasn’t been their home
for a long time.” — “On Understanding Bluestem”

there is a chapel where what blossoms on the altar is the incorruptible substance of a girl-saint, drying in votive smolder, and between psalms ( between your palms ) quietened petals blush revived by the renewal of vernal lustre. a legend is summoned from tea leaves or the rabbit’s belly to whisper the chronicle of bloom & wither suspended in each lilac inhalation, the history of a body crowned, its greening. ( breathe deeply here, where once you had the grace to live. ) Denise Jarrott spreads these specimens across the glasshouse floor and bids us recall that we, too, are “alive, for a while.”

// 24 pages // 100% post-consumer waste paper // limited edition of 50 copies // sliding scale $5-10 //

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